Monday, 19 February 2018

My expressive jewel!

My second child Rumaysa who’s 5 yo is an expressive and outspoken child!

She also knows how to persuade anyone to come to terms with her choice and her commands in exception of her little brother hence she often feels frustrated to deal with him as he won’t back down to her demand.

Sometime Rumaysa can pull a funny statements or expression to make her point heard. 

Just like yesterday as we went out to have family lunch together and I know it was rather late but when we arrived at the destination the restaurant was closed! So we headed back to different restaurant which was on the way home so I could imagine how hungry and tired she was especially after swimming lession she had prior to this journey.

So out of the blue she just said to us:

“Oh Mama, Baba... I am super hungry (I don’t know why she likes using the word “super” in many sentences)... I just need something to SWALLOW right now” 

We all laughed out loud hearing her desperation! 

But boy!!! Eventually she did swallow everything in front of her eyes including a glass of milkshake that she supposed to share with her sister. 

Allahumma bariklaha!

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