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Beware of a unnecessary comments or questions 

A must read..
One friend asked another friend "What did your husband gift you to celebrate your child's birth?"
The friend replied that he did not give her anything.
The first friend was surprised and questioned her friend as to whether this was a good thing. She asked her friend "Does he not value you at all?"
After sowing the seed of such poisonous thoughts the first friend left, leaving her friend worried and doubtful.  
After sometime the husband comes home for Dhur prayer and sees his wife's sullen face. While enquiring about it both start fighting which leads to them cursing at each other which leads to physical fight and eventually a divorce. 
Do you know the root of this problem?
It was one unnecessary dialogue with a friend who had come to ask about her friends health. 
Similarly Zaid asked Hamed;
Z- "Where do you work?"H- "In some store"
Z- "What is your monthly income?"H- "18,000 Rupees"
Z- "Just 18,000? How do y…

Notes for supporter of Da’e

By: Sister Sanaa
Oh wives of the Daa’ies (those who work day and night calling to Islaam) and Mujaahideen, fear Allaah and be firm and patient. Verily you are the cause of the success of your husband’s struggle and the cause of its decline.
There is a saying that behind every great man is a great woman. Many people differ about this parable, between those in support of it and those who appose it. We all must agree about the importance of the wife in the life of her husband and the fact she has a role that if fulfilled, the boat of da’wah will sail peacefully and successfully. For this reason we find the Messenger Muhammad (saw) emphasised on the importance of the woman in more than just one place. He encouraged the Muslim man about the necessity to look for a wife with good Deen (practicing woman), who fears Allaah in her relationship with her husband, at his home and with his children.
We believe nobody will differ with us if we say that the Daa’ies are so needy for a unique, sophistica…

Little reminder 

This morning as I poured milk on her cereal I said to Nusaybah 
“Last night I made a cup of tea and it got cold because I had to put your cranky brother to sleep, by the time it’s done, I went down and the tea has been drank by your Baba. I don’t mind because it’s better then wasting it, and now I was about to sip my tea, all my children need me to serve them their breakfast, again the tea gets cold”
She replied calmly: “but Mama.... you got the rewards for looking after us”
I stopped and paused and I suddenly felt sense of happy and contentment. 
I said to her:”you’re absolutely right! جزاك الله خيراً كثيراً for reminding me” 
....I know this is the story of every mother with young children but my point is not about the “hard reality” 😄 of your tea gets cold and no matter how many times you warm it, it keeps getting cold again because you just don’t have a chance to sit and enjoy your cup of tea unless all the entourage are sleeping and whenever that happen I need the sleep myself.
What s…