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{Percakapan} marriage

On one afternoon my Rumaysa 5 years old was curious about the topic of marriage (God knows why!)

Rumaysa:” mama, why do you marry baba?”

While preparing dinner I answered casually:”because he’s a good man, very responsible and most importantly he is a good Muslim ماشاء الله “

And I forgot to mention the important part that he’s not my relative 😃

Rumaysa:”oh.... so can I marry Hudayfah when I grow up?”

Me:”no you can’t, because he’s your brother”

R:”so who can I marry then?”

Me:”anyone else that is not blood related to you, someone you might never meet before, a stranger”

R:”a strangeeeeeeer??!!” (I wrote that way because she was really shocked lol)
But mama you told us not to even talk to a stranger how can I marry a stranger then???



1. It’s so obvious I wasn’t prepared with the answer of such question! but it’s okay because parenting is also a learning process for everyone.

2. Choose the right words and expression to explain a “grown up” subjects (of course I didn…