Thursday, 27 April 2017

Chat again

One evening as I was busy attending my cranky Hudayfah, my eldest said:

"Mama, I think I am going to skip being a parent, I will be straight to become a grandparent! "

I was holding myself not to laugh and ask:"why do you want to skip?"

Nusaybah:"because I can see how hard looking after baby and children is.." 

I think she saw me that evening trying to catch up my breath and constantly on my toes due to her brother.

I then said: "to be a grandparent, you first have to have a child or children, and those children get married and then they will have children then you can become grandparent, so if one day you got married and have children then me and baba will be grandparents."

"Oh... but I just want to be a grandparent without being a parent."


As hard as it could possibly be...just pretend to always be in control and in your coolest mode in front of your kids! Because you are building an image and setting example of how mother, wife, daughter should be! these memory will one day become a reference point for them as they grow up. 

I do believe, the way we raise our children isn't far from how our parents nurtured us.

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