Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Meaningful conversation with Rumaysa 

I have this habit asking the girls question:"what's the best thing happened in school today?" Or "did you have a good day today?"And they would answer it by picking up one of the thing that happened in school. What surprised me was, few days ago as we drove to pick Nusaybah from her school, my four years old daughter asked me,  "Mama, did you have a good day today at home"?" I smiled and felt so special that she wanted to know how my day was. I then teased her and said:"well... it depends, how do you define good day for mama at home? what makes a day is good for mama if I just stay at home?, I don't go and meet my friends, I can't go to the slide and play in the playground like you?" Her answered astonished me and put things back into perspective: "But mama, you have time to play with adek Hudayfah, you can rest while he's sleeping, that's relaxing and that's a good day" I had to admit that she was correct so I said:" yes rumaysa, I had a good day today الحمد لله رب العالمين " and she's said:" that's good mama!" Ah sometime you need 4 years old to remind you how Allah ﷻ has blessed us with so many things and simple thing that we often take for granted is actually the greatest blessing! How many people suffers from insomnia hence they struggle to sleep. How many people yearns to have children and feel incomplete without them. How many people have to go out and work 2 or 3 jobs to just put food on the table and roof above their heads. I haven't had any of those. Mostly I stay at home with my baby and do house chores (that of course it's never ending) and yet sometime I forget that today is reasonably a good day! May Allah ﷻ always allows us to be grateful for any small and big things He has blessed us with. Keep us in your دعاٰء

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