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{percakapan} experts

This morning during breakfast 
Husband asked me to help him with something (can't remember go be exact) 
All of a sudden my older daughter asked 
Nusaybah:"mama, how can you be soo good at so many things?"
Me:"oh that's very nice of you Nusaybah, But am I? What make you think like that?"
Nusaybah:"it's because baba is always asking help from you, it's all because you are very good at so many things"
Awwwww *melt!!!* it did brought tears to my eyes and made my day and I was saying to myself that I can't and don't  want to forget this day!!!!
Allahu yubarik laha
I know for a fact I am faaaaar from knowing so many things but it's just feel good when your little child acknowledge you (whatever they think of) and express it!  -----------
The other day Nusaybah was with Rumaysa in the living room while I was In the kitchen (cleaning up as usual 😬)
She then ran to me and brought 3 books (Arabic alphabets, Arabic numbers and toddler book) she tol…