Tuesday, 13 October 2015

{percakapan} experts

This morning during breakfast 

Husband asked me to help him with something (can't remember go be exact) 

All of a sudden my older daughter asked 

Nusaybah:"mama, how can you be soo good at so many things?"

Me:"oh that's very nice of you Nusaybah, But am I? What make you think like that?"

Nusaybah:"it's because baba is always asking help from you, it's all because you are very good at so many things"

Awwwww *melt!!!* it did brought tears to my eyes and made my day and I was saying to myself that I can't and don't  want to forget this day!!!!

Allahu yubarik laha

I know for a fact I am faaaaar from knowing so many things but it's just feel good when your little child acknowledge you (whatever they think of) and express it! 

The other day Nusaybah was with Rumaysa in the living room while I was
In the kitchen (cleaning up as usual 😬)

She then ran to me and brought 3 books (Arabic alphabets, Arabic numbers and toddler book) she told me

"Mama, I just finished teaching Adek (little sister) these three books so when she starts reception, she can be the top of the class!"

ماشاء الله 
Your thinking is well ahead, nak! 
I am the mother hasn't even thought about it! 😬😰

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