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[percakapan] a wife?

Once Upon the time when we were in the car as I was driving back from Nusaybah's swimming class, my girl Nusaybah who is five years old asked me
Nusaybah:" mama, what is "a wife" mean?" Me:"Errmmmm... A wife is a woman who is married to a man, for example mama, I am baba's wife" because I am married to baba
Nusaybah:" do I have to get married when i grown up?"
Me:"I would think so, what do you think?"
Nusaybah:"I will get married, but what happen if there is no men left?"
Me:* laughing*" what do you mean?"
Nusaybah:" what happen if all the men are married?"
Me:" what make you think like that?"
Nusaybah:"because when I looked around, I saw all the men are married"
Me:"how do you know Nusaybah?"
Nusaybah:"they walk with women or they hold their children hands"
Me: "but look at that man!(there was a man walking on his own), he is not with a woman nor a child&q…

I miss you mom!

You were always there when I need you to share my thoughts and feeling
You never failed to lend me your ears when I needed someone to listen to
You gave me ease to just show all the feelings I had inside 
You would ask me questions after each stories I told, it just showed how much you cared 
You never doubt in my strength and ability to face anything in this life 
You never gave a chance for an empty and loneliness crept inside me hence you never ceased to call me each morning when I lived miles away from you 
Just a "hello" hi or Salam and knowing I was okay was enough to make you happy and cheerful
I didn't understand at that time why you did it All I knew that you missed me, and you couldn't wait the day I went home and visited you
I was in my own world  I was ignorant and practically blind
Blind on how much you have loved me Blind on how much pain you went through to just let your youngest daughters live far apart from you when she was only 15 years old Blind on how much sac…