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To my beloved father

He's the most patient person and strong soul I have ever known. He was the main carer for my mom when she was ill with multiple myeloma (blood plasm cancer) while I was 5 hours away (by car) from them due to university study that I had to do in another town. 
He cooked, cleaned, cared and fulfil every needs that my mom had. 
Never once, I heard him complained about the situation. He remained strong and persevered while I was crumbling down, what he did for his wife was extraordinary. The love he had for his wife can be seen even after 11 years she departed from him to meet her Lord!
It indeed reminded me the love the prophet Muhammad ﷺ to his wife: Khadija RA **
He's a very simple man, with not many words but his dedication, strength, patience, loyalty and love are inspirational and for sure ONE OF A KIND And I am proud to be his daughter.
May Allah ﷻ loves him and grants barakah to his life and may Allah ﷻ grans him health and happiness and may Allah ﷻ continues to give me opportu…