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Nusaybah and her advice!

Once upon a time.... I told Rumaysa to stop Playing with the tap and water in the bathroom (she loves playing with the water) and she kept saying "noo mama.. Nooooo..." (Imagine drama scene)
Using a slightly elevated tone of voice, I told Rumaysa: "if you don't stop and don't listen to mama, I will send you to the thinking corner for 2 minutes!!!".
Well.... Theoritically (lol) I shouldn't address the issue using an elevated tone. I should have calm, cool, collected. Yeah!! One of those days.
And then came Nusaybah reminding and addressing me (using teacher type of tone- calm and low pitch)
"Mama, it's not nice to speak like that to your own child... You should not shout, you should speak nicely, Allah wont be happy with you... So now say sorry to Rumaysa.."
Mak nyessssss!!!! (Apa ya Bahasa Inggrisnya??) 
It changed my mood instantly! I was so happy with the way she "handled" me and the situation. I smile at Nusaybah and follow her order..…