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I knew I Loved you!

I posted this on my Facebook on November 16! And apparently the person I talked about on the following status knew that I talked about her 😉 and that i I dedicated the status for her! 
too sweet, init?? !!! And I was searching and searching the answer of this feeling and finally I got it. It gives me satisfaction and put my quest to rest.
You can read the answer at the end of this post
------ I was in the gathering and expected her to come  and turn up.
It's been a few weeks I haven't seen her but I deeply missed her. 
As soon as she walked in the room, I felt the warmth of her presence and I couldn't help not to smile although she didn't notice it. I can describe my happiness as if I meet an old friend for the first time after years of separation. 
We didn't exchange words, but once we catch up, the flow of our conversation can be endless.
I feel like she gets me. she's funny, intelligent, and very sensible. I value greatly her advice on many issues. I can rely on he…

Parenting programme

Resume program Kelas Pengasuhan Anak
Kenapa kita harus belajar ttg pengasuhan anak : 1. Àllah memerintahkan kita utk terus belajar 2. Zaman : zaman telah berubah. Dulu akses informasi terbatas. Skrg akses informasi tersebar luas 3. Agar anak bahagia
 Kenapa orang tua sering emosi menghadapi anak --krn ortu tidak punya ilmu
 Kenapa anak berperilaku buruk -- krn beda pola asuh
 Kenapa anak menjadi beban -- karena kita tidak bersama anak, kita hanya didekat anak. Ortu sibuk dengan gadget
PR utk ortu : 
1. PR ke-1 : InsyaAllah mulai hari ini sy bersungguh sungguh jadi ortu betulan, bukan kebetulan. Sy bersungguh sungguh memulainya dari hal yang sederhana yaitu menyediakan waktu bersama anak setiap hari, setidaknya 30 menit setiap sebelum 12 tahun dan 3 jam setidaknya setiap bulan setelahnya
2. PR ke-2 : InsyaAllah mulai hr ini, sy akan MEMBEBASKAN hidup anak sy demi kebahagiaan mereka sepanjang tidak berlebihan, yaitu :
Tidak membahayakan dirinya Tidak merugikan orang lain Tidak melanggar hukum …

Turning five!

Dedicated to my beautiful daughter Nusaybah Khalifa who is turning five today!
May Allah ﷻ guides and loves you  May Allah ﷻ makes you pious servant of His 
اللهمّ امين يا ربّ العالمين 
Encircle your child with love
Offer your hand to guide her
Shower her with tenderness
Shelter away her fears

May she look for sunshine when
There seems to be clouds
May she take a step further to
Find the best in people and life

May she show kindness and patience
Towards others
May confidence and poise propel
Her in life

Teach her appreciation for small
Things in life
The abundance of nature close at
Her feet
Help her to learn the power of
Words spoken
The response to actions which
Might be awakened

Shower her with your love and
Your pride
Protect her as needed, but let
Her fly free
Free to stand tall with absolute

As she grows and discovers
Keep memories keen
For times in the future
When she flies free

Remember too as she grows to
Be a woman
She's a reflection of yourself
A reflection of the joy, kindness,
And dignity
A …